Tom Nardone is My Husband is | He is Also ADHD

The Return of Tom Nardone

“No Imagination, You’d Better Just Tell the Truth”

The Bodily Function Police

History vs Literature

Two Week Notice My Ass

America is Debt Free (or as good as)

Smart Money!! With Tom Nardone

It’s OK To Not To Give a Shit, About People | But There is No Need To Lie About It.

Going Out to Eat? | I’m Never That Hungry.

Trouble Unavoidable? | I don’t think so.

Are You Sh@#ting Me

The Worst Job I Ever Had

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Yard Work | Attention bugs, weeds, spiders, and snakes! My yard is yours. You can have the whole damn thing

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Punk
Recycle This!!
Drivers Among Assholes



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