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A Poem by Tom Nardone – Just Trust Me People


Beautiful White Awesomeness! Continue reading


Question Society’s Norms, You Might Miss Something Wonderful!!!

In our society today, we have rules. Rules or laws are involved in everything we do. Most people abide by the rules of their society, but no one obeys all the rules. When it comes to rules people make their decision mainly on the basis of two things; what is the penalty, and what is the likelihood of being caught? That is just the particular type of assholes we are as Americans. For the record, I proudly count myself among all of you assholes in this regard. Continue reading

Tom Nardone, The Sharp Dressed Man

tomomI was going into a local sporting goods store recently to buy some ammo for my pellet rifle. As I was walking through the store I noticed a button up shirt hanging on the rack. I noticed it because I was wearing the exact same shirt complete with a small tag under the pocket that read “Columbia”. I could not figure out what my shirt was doing in the asshole section of a retail sporting goods store. Continue reading

Cooking with Yvonne Nardone

Most of you know by now I am home. The Doctors determined that I had an inflamed intestine and things seem to be good now. I feel great. My time on the inside is over. This was my first hospital visit and I really found it quite exciting in some ways. I am thankful that I had my wife Yvonne with me. She is the most wonderful person I know and I can’t imagine life without her. She and I wanted to thank you all so since there seemed to be so much interest in the first video I did. I thought I would do another one featuring My wife.

Yvonne knows my favorite thing she makes is Tabouli. She promised to make it when we got home, and she did. Please enjoy as she does this in a very special way.


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Whoever cares the least, WINS!!!!

tom-nardone-10-13All of us, at some or another, will find ourselves in the midst of a confrontation. It could be between husband and wife, brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, or manager and employee. The differences that we hold will all be different. Both sides will believe that they are right, and for that reason, they will be victorious. Being right or being wrong have nothing to do with victory or defeat. Victory is always shared by the same group of people. Victory goes to those that care the least. Continue reading

I Am Tom Nardone | How May I Help You?

tom nardone

I am Tom Nardone. In spite of what many people believe, I do not know everything. I know, I know, but it’s true. There are many things, I don’t know. At my job, I am asked over a hundred questions a day. Most of the time, I know the answers but when I don’t, I have specific people that I go to for the answer. I think of these people as my “go-to-guys”. I have been at my job for 14 years, so I am a go-to-guy when others run into difficulty. I am all about the help. Continue reading

Be Interesting. It is Just a Matter of Common Courtesy


What do these three quotes have in common?

  • “Another day another dollar”
  • “… time to make the doughnuts”
  • “It’s just another day in paradise”

As far as I can see, they all have two things in common; one, they are all tired clichés that I could go the rest of my life without hearing, and two, they are all said by assholes Continue reading