Happily Uninformed | There is Power in Not Giving a Shit!

Picture1I might very well be the most uninformed person in the entire country. I have not watched single news broadcast since the towers came down. I could not name three people in the United States government. I live in South Carolina, and I could not tell you the name of out governor or the name of a single member from the house or senate of any state. Yes, I know this is Awesome; let me tell you all about it!

Things were not always this way. I used to be very informed. So much so that I didn’t watch a single TV show for fear I would miss something critical on the Fox News Channel. I would stay up late and watch assholes argue and speculate about the direction this country was heading as if they gave a shit. I would get angry at my television and talk to my television. Sometimes I would even yell at it.

It stayed with me at work and at family functions. The interactions I had with people seemed to have no beginning and certainly, no end, or any resolution. They were not fun. I had it in my head, these things must be discussed. There were many people I felt were on the wrong side of things, and I didn’t like them for it.

I was worried about wars, disease, food, and the financial state of the world. Hearing every day about an outbreak of some rare virus, the Dow Jones average lost a thousand points, or some country just did a successful test of a nuclear weapon. I worried about all these things every day of my life.

I was no fun to be around. The world and my country was all I ever thought about, and it was all I ever talked about. I did have conversations about other things of course, but sooner or later the conversation would leave the Interesting Highway by way of the Turdville exit. I would be on my soap box right there with the rest of the assholes putting my two cents in. it would go on, and on, and on, and of course in the end, my life was no better.

thought process

One day I was sitting on my sofa watching the news as I always did and I had an epiphany. As if a voice in my head said to me, “Tom, you are an asshole.” I realized that voice in my head was the most insightful thing I heard in many years. It occurred to me almost everything I saw on the news was successfully accomplishing only one thing. It was making me angry every day of my life. During this time, I thought I had a good head for politics but what I discovered was I had, was a big giant container on my shoulders, and I couldn’t seem to pack enough bullshit into it.

I sat there and pondered all of this and asked myself what in my life is better as a result of my attention to the news. I could not come up with a single thing. With that, I stopped watching the news altogether. I stopped having political discussions of any kind. I stopped listening to talk radio. I completely avoided contact with anyone who wanted to discuss this with me. Guess what happen next. My life got better!

I just basically just stopped giving a shit.

I remembered something that I know I will never again, forget. I remembered something that means a lot of things to a lot of people. I remembered that I am Tom Nardone, and being Tom Nardone is completely kickass. I was able to relax. I found that my sense of humor had returned (it was only then that I was aware of its absence.) I found there were a lot more important things to talk about that did not anger me.

I found that life was just easier to stomach, if I did not focus on everything that is wrong with the world. Today my only concerns are my family, work, rock shows, my blog and my Xbox. These are things that I can affect. These are things that I can improve. These things warrant discussion.

I have become completely and totally detached from anything currently going on in this country, or this planet. The earth could be out of its orbit, on a collision course with the Deathstar or Planet Tatooine, but I would never know it. I don’t ever care who is running for president, and I don’t give a shit who wins. What difference does it makes who steals my money?

I know some of you might say, “Tom the surest way for evil to win is if good men do nothing”. Yes there is some truth to what you say but let me bring you down to earth just a little bit. I am a good man. I have been so for most of my life. I was a good man when I gave a shit, and now I am a good man who does not give a shit, but let’s talk about evil.

Do you know what evil has been doing for the last two thousand years? If you believe your history books, and I imagine you do; evil has been kicking ass and taking names. It has left nothing, but a trail of dead bodies in its wake. The only thing, my having an opinion is going to do is ensure I am a crabby bastard every day of my life. You call me selfish? Ummmmm…OK

Giving a shit is just no fun. Being Tom Nardone is a big giant dumpster packed full of beautiful people and fun shit to play with. You are welcome to climb in and hang with me if you would like.

I don’t judge people who are informed. I don’t judge people who give a shit about this country’s future. Valentine Logar, lady, I love you!  I don’t expect everyone to be as comfortable as I am sitting on the raft of apathy as this county goes down the swirling vortex of defeat. If you believe you can change the world, and trying to do something makes you happy, than I think you are doing what you should do. It is an enormous task. I mean this sincerely. However, as for me, I have tried. I have failed. I am done. I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

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17 thoughts on “Happily Uninformed | There is Power in Not Giving a Shit!

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  2. bossymoksie

    I do not watch the news either. A lot of it’s exaggerated BS to grab attention and make headlines. It’s a business. And they do that making people upset and angry. No thank you.


  3. Valentine Logar

    I love you also, I won’t tell you why you were always pissed off is because of where you were getting your information. Yes, yes I will. You were getting your information from the wrong place, thus you were pissed off.

    It is okay though. If you are happier now than you were then, you should remain exactly as you are.


  4. Jade Reyner

    I rarely watch the news but for entirely different reasons. You are so right that we cannot change anything by being informed so I kinda of get where you are going with this. Made me laugh as ever Tom and I second Beth in being sad that you are never going to run for Governor or whatever. Obviously if you did I would personally reap no benefits, other than to have a rather dim and distant claim to fame of once being a friend of the great Tom Nardone… 😀


  5. ksbeth

    are you sure that ‘voice’ you heard during your epiphany wasn’t yvonne’s? for some reason i do read it all and watch it randomly and most of it does not bother me, i find it all rather dumb. i must be a cyborg. and damn it tomnardone, i was hoping you’d run for office. i know what you campaign t-shirt would say. i am interested in the pr position when you do.


  6. mollytopia

    I’m completely uniformed also. The only difference is that I never was haha. Politics hurt my feelings because it’s so obvious how stupid and corrupt most of it is. I’d rather focus on the good in the world. This post rocks, you rock and I love that you’ll admit to being completely uninformed and also say Xbox warrants discussion. Hooray!


  7. inspiretheworld2day

    I know I shouldn’t have been laughing hysterically through this whole post but I was. I do want to ride in your boat. As one of the many people trying to save the world, I totally understand why you retreated into your world of happiness. Seriously I do. Someday I hope to be where you are and tonight my friend, I tip my hat to you and show you my respect. I totally enjoyed this post tonight and am glad you shared it at a time I would be most amused. Now, I am going to turn off Fox News and get on with some more living 😉




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