To Hell With Your Rat Race, I Don’t Follow Sports Anyway.

Picture5Many people in their jobs strive to be the best and I think this is great. I think it is what makes a company great. When you have people so committed to being the best that they give it their all, and do their very best. I do my best while I am at my job, and I rather enjoy it most of the time. I would always rather be at home, but there are days when I have fun at work. I do take pride in what I do while I am doing it.

Some people unknowingly bend themselves over a barrel and patiently wait for the talcum-powdered fist to make its introduction. They are unable or unwilling, to just be content. They aspired to be in charge and become managers and/or supervisors. Inasmuch as I respect these people for their zeal, I cannot understand why they choose to do this to themselves if they had a choice in the matter. Being in charge, in my opinion is nothing but a big steaming pile of sorrow and disappointments.

It takes a person with specific characteristics to undertake such a task. The people I have seen become managers have motivation, drive, ambition and initiative. I fortunately do not have the burden of such characteristics. There are those who are all-go, full-on, take-no-prisoners, we must win at all costs kind of people. I believe the world needs these people, but I wonder how many of them first think it through.


I can think of many reasons why I would not want to be a manager. It all comes down to the quality of life. For me, quality of life, is when I don’t have shit about which to worry. When I go to work; each day is its own unique experience. Nothing from the day before has any bearing on my day, and I can stroll through it without pressure or stress. Whereas if I were responsible for things I would have to worry about every little thing that was wrong or could go wrong.


Every angry customer in any business, says the same thing when he or she is unhappy; “I want to speak to a manager”. I don’t need that in my life. I don’t want to be the person who explains why, and says I am sorry, or has to grovel because of the expectations of assholes. I want to be the guy who says, “Why certainly let me get you a manager” I don’t feel I have the patience to constantly explain shit to people who don’t understand how the world works. I feel as long as there are other people who worked hard to reach the level of management, who am I to rob them of that for which they have worked so hard.


The biggest reason for me is the idea of being responsible for the other human beings. I do well to manage myself; I sure as hell don’t want to be in a position where I have to answer to others. I want to go in, find out what is expected of me and spend my time doing it. I am not usually interested in thinking much about what might need to be done. I just want a list. I don’t like having to think about what needs to be done. I want someone to say, “Tom can you take care of this?”

Picture9My day currently ends with the stroke of the clock. The clock determines when I leave. Regardless of what is accomplished, I leave when my schedule says so. I walk out of the building without a care in the world. The only thing on my mind is my drive home and the things I will do with my free time. I spend zero time worrying about the following day. I know it will just be another day of following the instructions of the people tasked with giving a shit. When my time comes to leave, I walk out the door with a smile on my face. This attitude has made me so much better at my job because I am not preoccupied with bullshit.

I would not like being put in a position to evaluate people I work with every day. I have friends at work. I like being friends and I don’t judge anyone by the quality of their work. You can be the laziest good for nothing son of a bitch that ever hit the time clock and it will not affect the value of your stock on the “Tom Nardone People Exchange”. I cannot even imagine the agonizing discomfort in explaining to someone why they are a valueless piece of shit and having to tell them how to work at their job. I would not want to be the person tasked with choosing the company over a person and be put in the position of having to fire them, and cause them to have trouble at home. This is too much drama for me.

In most cases, managers and supervisors are tasked with the impossible. They have their hands chopped off and then they are asked to clap louder. Being a pawn is the best way I can think of to avoid stress in my life. I have enough nonsense bouncing around in my brain 24/7. The last thing I need is more things about which to think.

My point is if you are at a job, you do not hate, you should think long and hard before switching. I understand if you are in a position where you really don’t have a choice because you need the money. This, I get so you do what you have to do. I think some people are so keyed up worrying about the next level, they don’t think about the specific things the next level requires. From what I have seen, it results in stress, and the loss of those who they once called friends. That is a hell of a price to pay, so make sure it is worth it.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

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18 thoughts on “To Hell With Your Rat Race, I Don’t Follow Sports Anyway.

  1. bossymoksie

    This is on point! I never want to move up on the latter! I barely take my job as seriously as it is, I just want to do what I have to do and leave when it’s time. I am only invested in receiving that paycheck.
    And then they always want to try to ‘sell’ you on how great it would be to move up the latter. I am not fooled.


  2. Valentine Logar

    I do so wish others would recognize this in themselves. It would make life so much better. There are those who strive to climb the ladder who do not belong even on the middle rung, who should have their faces kicked in, instead they kiss the ass of the person ahead of them until they climb to the next rung making every other person below them miserable. If they would only realize they would be so much happier not climbing the ladder the world would be a better place.

    As always you are genius.


  3. Jade Reyner

    Well thank you as ever for your amazing thoughts and insight. Made me laugh. Guess I never thought if it this way. You are unique Mr Nardone that is for sure and I am loving the Tom Nardone People Exchange.. would love to know the value of neurotic Brits.. ??!!! 😀


  4. ksbeth

    i understand this completely tom. when i was a cocktail waitress, food waitress, bartender, catering jack of all trades – i loved doing my job, having fun, and leaving. always felt for the managers and could not for the life of me figure out why/how they did it. i was not drawn to that in any way. i simply did my job, talked to my friends, made some cash, ate something, had a cocktail, laughed my head off about the customers, and left. did not worry about it for one second after i left. it was perfect. and now i try my best to manage my kindergarten class, but it is clear they manage me.


  5. TIA

    This is hilarious and so precise.. I would never want those jobs…EVER. I like to stay just right under the radar. Besides your sailor mouth, You took the words right out of my mouth…. Love it:)


  6. Cotton Boll Conspiracy

    And then there are those of us who recognize we’re not management material, will never be management material and that the world is much better of without us managing anything at all, yet we still get the talcum-powdered fist in the you-know-where. All the pain and aggravation; none of the perks. Just the luck of the draw, I guess.




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