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Infidels, Worry Not. | Asalaam alikum from Tom Nardone

Picture1I was driving home in traffic the other day and was mad as Hell at the level of chaos. I thought it would be nice to live in a world without traffic. I pondered what it would be like if I was the only person on earth.

One day I wake up and all of the people are just gone. I am literally the last man on the earth. What would I do? Continue reading


Fast Food Rules of Engagement

IMPORTANT SHITI don’t eat anything from fast-food restaurants ever. There are several reasons not the least of which is I find it to be incredibly unhealthy. There are benefits to it I suppose. It is quick, easy, and there are often times tempting prizes or toys that come with certain combo meals; hey, I get that. I worked at a fast-food restaurant for three years when I was in high school and perhaps I have seen too much.

There are many of you, I suspect, who frequent these places, and I fear many of you are not aware of the rules of fast food restaurants. If you read me, or if you find yourself on my blog for the first time, then I love you. I would not want to see any harm come to you, or the people you care about so please, heed my words for your own sake.
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Love Your Kids! Give Them a Show!

Picture5In life, everything that isdoc accomplished is done so, through communication. Communication is the only way anything happens. If two people don’t tell each other how they feel, they will never date, or marry. If an employer does not tell his people what is expected of them, they will not meet his expectations. If my wife doesn’t tell me to make dinner, before she leaves work, she will come home to a husband playing Xbox, and have to cook.

The attention of a child is a hard thing to get. A child is a difficult audience. You cannot always gain their attention by Continue reading

Superhero, You Can Take That Job and Shove It!

Tom-nardone-1114I think the world can never have enough heroes. Everybody loves the hero. Heroes are defined by many different characteristics ranging from strength to survival or anyone paving the way through great adversity, so that others can more easily take a similar path. However, as far as the job of a superhero, you can take that job and shove it! Continue reading