His Name is Elliot, and He is ADHD

ADHD People

One of my favorite readers and  I were chatting on Facebook. She was explaining how her fifth grade boy loved my writing. He thinks I am cool and likes that I have ADHD, just like he does. He is clearly  a fine judge of character. He also has excellent taste in hats. I asked Elliot if he would like to write a blog post for my site, and he agreed with great excitement. He has done so, and I have to say, this is the most honest thing I have ever read. The main requirement one must have to write for me, is that they must be awesome. Elliot has met this requirement, and he will read any comments you may have for him.  His name is Elliot, he is my youngest fan, and he is my friend.

I am Elliot and I am 10 years old. I am in…

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One thought on “His Name is Elliot, and He is ADHD

  1. ksbeth

    this is wonderful elliot i can understand your frustration and i am so happy you have a writing outlet to say all of this. my hope is that you’ll encounter teachers and other adults who will understand that you see and learn things differently. instead of telling you to stop doing things, hopefully they will help you find a way to use your energy to get things done. i wish that i had you in my class. you are lucky to have found tomnardone, he is like a superhero in this area. he is the yoda of adhd. best, beth




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