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Better Than a Date with Ned Hickson

Book Review: “Humor at the Speed of Life” by Ned Hickson

tom on the toiletI am Tom Nardone, and I just spent a week with Ned Hickson. I don’t know what you did last week but it was not as much fun as the time Ned and me had. Let me tell you what a great host he was.

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Don’t Pick a Fight With Your Body, It Will Kick Your ASS!!

Tom Nardone

by Tom Nardone

My normal routine on my days off, while for me, are thrilling, would not be considered exciting to most. I wake up drink a pot of coffee as I sit on my ass in my favorite chair. While I am sitting, I will either write a story or catch up on some of my email, responding to comment, or if I am really motivated, my reading. When it gets late, I will go upstairs and either play Xbox or go to bed. Last week, wife felt the need to disrupt this.

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Bullshit 101 Part 1 | with Tom Nardone

tom-nardone-101602Good day, class, and Welcome to #Bullshit 101 Part I (BS101). I will be your instructor. We will cover a range of topics but the focus of our class will will be offense and defense; that is how to identify and protect yourself from bullshit, and of course, how to implement your own bullshit. Let’s dive right into it shall we. Continue reading

WordPress Family Award | Tom Nardone

wordpressfamilyawardBrother and sister bloggers, It is an exiting day for Tom Nardone. The lovely, Jade Reyner, of Jade’s Jungle has nominated me for the “WordPress Family Award” Jades Jungle is one of few sites i follow that is primarily about writing. I think Jade is a professional and one of the most gifted and consistent bloggers I have ever read. She also is a wonderful friend and has helped me in many areas. She is a part of what makes “I am Tom Nardone” a great place where you can all come to live vicariously through my indifference toward so many things that make life a challenge unnecessarily. Thanks again Jade. Continue reading

Whoever cares the least, WINS!!!!

tom-nardone-10-13All of us, at some or another, will find ourselves in the midst of a confrontation. It could be between husband and wife, brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, or manager and employee. The differences that we hold will all be different. Both sides will believe that they are right, and for that reason, they will be victorious. Being right or being wrong have nothing to do with victory or defeat. Victory is always shared by the same group of people. Victory goes to those that care the least. Continue reading