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Artists: Some Work in Paint, While Others, in Bullshit.


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I am not what most people might describe as refined, urbane or sophisticated. Like many of you, I have not ever been formerly educated in “The Arts”. I have never been to a museum. I have never been to an art show. I do love art, and I would not want to live in a world without it.

There are however, a great deal, of what I like to call, “assholes in artists clothing”. Some of these people have gained popularity, fame and riches, under The banner of “Artist”. They masquerade as artists, as if they were not just a bunch of soulless pretenders Continue reading


High Planes Blogger


I saw a man the other day wearing Blue Jeans, pointed boots, a vest and a cowboy hat. His boots had a turquoise inlay that matched his vest. He wore mirrored sunglasses and had a goatee. My first thought was: Did this man actually get dressed, look at a mirror, evaluate his appearance, and say, “Oh yah. That’s what I’m talkin about”. Even Wyatt Earp could not have rocked this outfit. A time later I started dwelling on the “The Old West” Continue reading

I Am Tom Nardone | How May I Help You?

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I am Tom Nardone. In spite of what many people believe, I do not know everything. I know, I know, but it’s true. There are many things, I don’t know. At my job, I am asked over a hundred questions a day. Most of the time, I know the answers but when I don’t, I have specific people that I go to for the answer. I think of these people as my “go-to-guys”. I have been at my job for 14 years, so I am a go-to-guy when others run into difficulty. I am all about the help. Continue reading

The Passive Aggressor: Artist or Asshole?


by Tom Nardone

A term I have heard people use a great deal in my life is “Passive Aggressive”. No one ever speaks well of passive aggression. I hear people say “ugggh, she is such a passive aggressive bitch”, or “Why does he have to be so passive aggressive?” The English Dictionary, defines passive aggressive behavior as: “Away of behaving that seeks to manipulate others indirectly and resist their demands rather than confronting or opposing directly”

Maybe you are one of those people, who doesn’t appreciate this method of conflict resolution. Perhaps you find it to be, an annoying and condescending display of narcissism. Maybe you feel you are just being controlled, as if you were a puppet, enslaved to the will of the puppeteer. You feel this is a person’s attempt, to twist you up as if you were a pretzel. Possibly you feel very strongly about this and therefore have a need to be heard on this issue. Well…no, that is what you need. What you need is a t-shirt that says, “Hi I am the stupidest asshole you will meet all day” Continue reading