Brody Bricker Vol IV. | Late Night Swimming!!

The Adventures of: Brody Bricker


Late Night Swimming

Brody Bricker was one of my best friends growing up. He lived to cause trouble. He would do anything to get a reaction out of someone. He had absolutely no conscience, and the only time I ever saw him smile, was after causing any kind of mayhem.

I have changed his name, the names of his victims, and the names of any businesses that might have suffered at the expense of his entertainment.

These are his stories

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brody Bricker

Late Night Swimming

by Tom Nardone

by Tom Nardone

Brody had gotten a new tent for his birthday. He wanted to have me over so we could camp in the back yard. I was sure he must have some other reason for wanting to be outside in a tent, but I had never been camping. I figured it would be fun.

We were out there for a while, but we got bored, and Brody asked me if I felt like going swimming. Since Brody did not have a pool, I asked “where are we supposed to go swimming?” He said “My next door neighbors are out of town.” I was too scared to do that, so I told him no. He hounded me for 20 minutes, but I was not going to risk it. Brody said fine I will go by myself.

He walked into their yard, stripped down completely naked, and climbed the fence. I could not believe he was willing to take such a risk. He entered the pool at the shallow end and quietly would swim from one side of the pool to the other. During his 6th lap or so, while he was in the deep end, the lights in and around the pool came on. He quickly went for the ladder but it was too late. The door opened slowly and the lady of the house came out for a late night swim. Brody was hiding by the ladder, with his head low, trying to avoid detection. She came out with her towel, and laid it over a chair for when she finished swimming. I have to say Brody was calm, and he did not panic. He actually had a plan to escape. The lady went to the diving board, and prepared for her entry into the pool. She dove. The second she entered the water Brody darted up the ladder and exited the pool, but he wasn’t fast enough. When she surfaced after her dive she saw Brody’s naked ass leaving her pool and began to scream so loud that scared me. Brody kept going. He ran into the woods at top speed. This lady did not stop screaming even as she ran into the house forgetting her towel. Less than five minutes later the cops showed up. There were three cars with their lights on. One of them went to the house, and the other two were patrolling the neighborhood looking for a naked man. Brody was gone for two hours. I had no idea where he was, or when he was coming back. I thought about going to look for him but I did not want to end up taking the fall for him, so I lied back down in the tent pretended to be asleep.

Brody returned after being in the woods for three hours. The pool washed off all of his mosquito repellent and they feasted on his naked ass for three hours. He had scrapes all over his body. When he got to the tent has asked me very nicely, “Tom, will you please go over to the fence and get my clothes?” I thought that the risk of walking to the fence and back was worth not having to sleep next to a naked man. I went and got them without incident.


15 thoughts on “Brody Bricker Vol IV. | Late Night Swimming!!

  1. The Real Dave

    I knew a couple Brody Brickers in my lifetime, though there was only so much I would put up with. I would refuse to participate if it involved anything we could get in serious legal trouble over (well, sometimes), or the theft or destruction of some innocent person’s property. Of course if it involved someone we didn’t like, they were fair game.

    Any chance I might have known this particular guy?


  2. Valentine Logar

    Ah Tom, this was hilarious. I don’t know which was worse, the thought of poor brody buck nekid in the woods for 3 hours or you considering the need to take the risk only when the alternative was sleeping next to him naked.

    As always Tom, you are tremendously awesome and you tickle my funny bone.


  3. TIA

    LOL! I once was talked into doing “turkey run”, with a couple of buddies, around my college years. We had obviously had a few drinks, and planned to run through the apartment complex, wearing nothing but our tennis shoes. We were running free, until I saw a flashlight! I ran to a bush, until the people passed, and was safe… But I had lost my friends, and I had no idea which apartment building was his!! I stood there foolishly…probably was watched by many from their balconies! Finally, they came looking for me, and I live to tell the story:)


    1. Tom Nardone Post author

      HAHAHA WOW. That is outstanding. My wife and I are laughing our asses off. I cannot imagine being naked and lost in a strange place. Pretty cool of them to come looking for you though. Thanks for stopping by TIA.


  4. ksbeth

    I’ve been known to break the law to sleep next to a naked man. Happy to know I can open your posts again, here with the ambassador this am having a nardone minute.




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