America. Quit Playing With Yourself!!!!

tom1There never lived a greater man than my father, Tom Nardone Senior. I remember asking him as a child, “Hey dad, how come you never vote?” I will never forget his response. “Well Tommy, I don’t vote because it just doesn’t make any difference to me who steals my money.” I never forgot those words. To this day, I have never voted in an election.

Why do people vote? There are two reasons that I have heard most; “It is our duty as Americans” or “Our ancestors died so that you could have the right to vote.”  If these are the two main reasons that people vote, then I can summarize them both in on word; “Guilt!” Guilt is the reason people vote. Guilt and guilt alone is the reason we vote.

Why People Vote

I think voting is a way to help the citizens of this country believe that they are actively being part of a solution to make things better. The truth is that I have rarely heard anyone speak of a candidate that they believe in. It is always “Well I’d rather have him in there than that other asshole.” I don’t get why anyone would vote for someone, just because the other guy is worse. If you had to leave your child with a rapist or a murderer which would you pick?  I know that is silly, let me stay on topic, and just ask you this then: Would you rather have your country ran by a liar or a thief. I don’t think that is silly at all. It often comes down to that very question. I choose neither

What is Voting?

People in this country love to complain. Complaints are the result of expectations not being met. People at their jobs will sometimes complain that their raise was less than they expected it would be. I am sure you have heard people complain about a movie they saw that was not as good as they expected it would be. I do not ever complain about this country. You will never hear me complaining about money being misspent or an unfair law that forces people to do things that they would rather not. The reason is simple; I have no expectations for this country. So what is voting? It is people purchasing the right to complain, without the burden, of a guilty conscience.

Everyone has a quote that they love. It is usually a quote coined by some amazing or famous person. My favorite quote was coined by me. I have said this for years. “The less you expect the less you will be disappointed.”

Do You Really Think Your Vote Counts?

I am not convinced that votes are even counted. For the sake of making my point you can have it your way, and we will assume they are. The results are irrelevant. The people of this country do not elect our president. This is a lie that most voters are aware of, but will seem to look past for their own guilt removal therapy.

The Electoral College elects the president. Each state sends a number of people to vote on behalf of their state. Each of them cast one vote for the president, and one for the vice president. Many of us know this from school. Here is what some of you may not know. This group consisting of five hundred thirty eight assholes is under no legal obligation to cast a vote consistent with the desires of the people of their state. They can simply walk up to the podium, look at the camera, and give everyone in their home state the finger. They could then cast a vote for anyone they so choose. You might say “Yes but Tom, this would never happen!” HAH! It not only would happen, but it has happened. In the past, they have done just that (except the finger part).  They have done this, while not often, more than just once. So for those thousands of people who took the time to go to the polls and bullshit themselves, they would have been better off if they just stayed home and watched “The Simpsons.”


This is the final result of the 2012 election, but I want you to try this. Pretend you and your child are playing Risk, tha board game. You are the blue area, and they are the red area. I want you to tell me what words would you use to explain to them, that they have lost?

How many people do I think I have convinced?  ZERO!!!!!

And here is why. Allow me to paint a picture for you:

It is Election Day. Men and woman have just finished working their asses off at their job and they are tired. Do they decide, well I’m too tired to drive down to the polls and vote? Buuuuuull-SHIT. They are Americans and they love our country too much to stop the enemy’s team from taking over. There is no way they are going to watch our beloved stars and stripes get kicked in the nuts.

As they arrive at the polls and embrace the fanfare, The sound of trumpets will fill the air upon their arrival. They are the few. They are part of the solution. They the architects, of what will be a utopian society that the whole world will know they built. A society that can only exist when likeminded people, come together, as a community, to elect a person who they feel will destroy it the least.

Even though there is the chance that their party, could lose. They don’t have to live with their defeat. They will stand, and stand they will, among the few people who will be afforded the right to complain for the next four years. They cared enough to make a difference; they took the time to get dressed, got into their cars, and went to the polls.

It is for these efforts, that the right to complain will be bestowed on them.  These people leaving the polls can now walk around society proudly. America thanks you and would like to award you with one final thing, as a token of our appreciation. We award you with this shiny little sticker that you can where for the rest of the day so that all the people you know will see the evidence of your civic mind, and your goodwill.

Thank You Voters. I can’t wait to see the world you’re gonna build for me.


13 thoughts on “America. Quit Playing With Yourself!!!!

  1. Gray Dawster

    I am of the same thinking Tom, it is a game of straws,
    as in every four years or so some other asshole gets to
    be in charge, but are the candidates worthy of the straw
    icking game? NO is the simple answer, they are all utter
    shites and assholes. Like you said “Well I’d rather have
    him in there than that other asshole.” Well that is just the
    pits in my point of view. Why vote for another dickhead?
    It is likened to the OBE and MBE scenario, and again it
    is a case of another game, not the straws though, no the
    Tail on the Donkey is preferred, oh and a blindfold for a
    game of In the Niff Butler Ass Kissing afterwards 😦

    Ah well I guess with all those assholes around we should
    try kicking a few 🙂 🙂 Hey have a great time today Tom 🙂



  2. iamtomnardone Post author

    Thank you Val. I was looking around for stuff to read shortly after writing that post, and I noticed tat you had written an the subject of politics. I said to myself “OH shit” haha

    I appreceiate that you read it, and even though I dont vote I certainly dont think bad of people who do. Most of my friends vote you included.

    Thanks again Val.


  3. Valentine Logar

    Tom I like you voice your opinion on this issue. I am of a different opinion (did you guess?). I suspect part of this is because I come from a different time, I marched in Civil Rights marches, I protested Vietnam, I marched for Womens Rights … I still know many of the words to many of the songs of the 60’s and 70’s that were the true protest songs.

    I vote because it is my voice. I do not vote for a person or against a person. I vote for principles. Do I know my vote does not always count? Yes, I know that. But nonetheless, I vote because at least with that voice I raise my voice as I have done since I was 10 and marched in my first march.

    I am still an activist for those issues that matter to me. I still call and write my representatives, in fact I am a thorn in their sides, a tack in their chairs (sharp side up).

    I vote because it is my voice. I vote because if enough like minded people vote we are able to create change. I vote because someday maybe we can kick the bastards out and get new less callous, less stupid, less self-serving bastards in.


  4. Big Blogger of Knowledge

    Hot damn, finally – someone else who doesn’t give a crap about voting! Well, not totally true, we give a crap, but only in anger. I wish I had snapped a picture of some graffiti I had passed one time: “If voting ever did anything, do you think they’d let us vote?”

    Awesome post.


    1. iamtomnardone Post author

      Coming from the Big Blogger of knowledge, I am humbled by your accolades. Thank you so much.

      and of course they wouldn’t. Why do you think they never have an election on a sturday. It is because too many working people would show up. Not that it would make any difference.


  5. Joe Smith

    Tom, this post was awesome! I love to see that people actually agree with you. I think if there’s ever been a perfect time to bust out your plan that you showed me last night, it should be today. We need to write out the platform today. They’ll never even see it coming!


  6. jadereyner

    Oh Tom, your views are great. I love the fact that you are you whatever happens, and you stick to your beliefs and are not afraid to voice them. We obviously have a voting system in the UK too and I have to admit to being a voter. I like voting. I go and vote because I like to think that maybe, somewhere, my opinions via my vote, will count. I think I am again, one of the people you love to hate…! Oops… our friendship is unravelling…


    1. iamtomnardone Post author

      Jade, I cant believe anyone agreed with me. My wife doesn’t. I love that you enjoy voting. If everyone agreed with me than being Tom Nardone would just be no fun at all.


  7. tinkadele

    “Everyone has a quote that they love. It is usually a quote coined by some amazing or famous person. My favorite quote was coined by me. I have said this for years. “The less you expect the less you will be disappointed.”” Haha! Best line or couple of lines, whatever. It’s hilarious that your annoyance is showcased in the text so much BUT still, whilst, maintaining your quirky sense of humour. Good one.




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