I Am Perfectly Happy Driving a Dumpster.

I don’t ever want to drive anything, but a piece of shit


00aaThere is something about old beaten up cars that I find beautiful. It is like being on the road with a seasoned veteran as opposed to some newb vehicle. While it is maybe not as smooth or comfortable, I do get some piece of mind from the experience this car has over most of the other cars on the road. We just drive down the highway laughing at all the other younger cars, still with there innocence, as they are being driven assholes who cant drive them.[READ MORE]


6 thoughts on “I Am Perfectly Happy Driving a Dumpster.

  1. portholio

    This is my exact car philosophy, the one i will try to pass on to my sons when they are older. Thank god there is someone with some sense! I miss my shitty old k-cars,( yes, i have had several) and my awesome tobacco brown station wagon. Why did they ever stop making bench seats?! I never paid more than $500, never did any maintenence, drove the cars all over the US and Canada.

    One christmas my husband and i drove one of the k-cars overnight from DC to Detroit through a huge blizzard, no problem. When we went to leave my sister’s place two days later to drive home the temperature gauge immediately shot up into the red. Because the temp gauge was dodgey I had no way of telling if something was wrong or not. I remember casually telling my husband that if the engine didn’t blow in the next 5 minutes that we’d be fine to make it the 10 hours back to DC. Of course the engine did go with a huge bang a minute later (spraying mom’s car behind us.) The beautify of the thing is that we had it towed off of the freeway and left it to be picked up for parts without a ficker of corncern or distress. The car owed us nothing, we had gotten much more than our $350 out of it.


    1. Tom Nardone Post author

      Now that is an awesome car story of a car that gave everything it had. The pussifiesd automobiles today would have winded and cried “take me in, take me in” I hate those prima donna cars. They really give me the red ass


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  3. Valentine Logar

    That Tom is excellent advice. I am not going to follow it, but it is nonetheless most excellent advice.

    I like big beautiful shiny cars. Cars I feel safe in. Cars that are bigger than other cars. Cars I feel as if I will survive collisions in. I don’t mind car payments, really I don’t mind them so long as I know if some Azzhat with an attitude or a texting habit will do more damage to his car than mine. I like that in a car. I like American Cars, big beautiful American Cars.

    I drive a Ford Flex. A big beautiful brilliant red Ford Flex, with a silver rear and a white top. I love my Flex.


    1. iamtomnardone Post author

      Val I am glad that you love your car. I am sure it is beautiful. I do think this is a blog where most people will agree with you. That’s okay though everybody has a right to be wrong. Ha ha ha Ha


      1. Valentine Logar

        My dad would have agreed with you Tom, this is why I think your advice is most excellent. He drove one of his cars to 260,000 miles. But he was also a great tinkerer, rebuilt engines and transmissions, petted and babied that particular car. 1967 Mustang. Couple of my brothers would also agree with you, but they are also tinkerers’, one of my brothers rebuilds muscle cars.

        I come from a car family and a family of tinkerers. I am just the odd one.




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